皆さん、こんにちはLFC院長のカワミツ です。







Hi, how’s everybody doing? This is Dr. Nobu at LFC.

I would like to introduce you my patient today. Marc Harris has been coming to my clinic since March. He is my age, from the state of FL, likes sports and we have had so many common things in our life, so we always enjoy our conversation.

He owns a fitness gym and works out almost everyday. Because he works out everyday and his muscles got stiffer, he ended up with minor lower back pain and came to my clinic. Because he himself is a fitness instructor and knows about a human anatomy and physiology, he feels great benefits on chiropractic.

His business partner will host a project for 35 to 60 years old men to become more healthier, so Marc will also help this project as an instructor.

If you are interested, please go to his website.


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