The First Columbian Patient at Life Force Chiropractic

Hi, everybody!! This is Dr. Nobu Kawamitsu, D.C. at LFC.

I will talk about one of my patients who is a Columbian today. Mr. M.V. came into my clinic last Saturday with feeling of misaligned body.

He told me that he felt his one leg is shorter than the other one, which meant his either pelvis was misaligned most of cases.

So, I have checked his pelvis and found that his right pelvis was misaligned by muscle testings. I have also found that his right ankle and neck on right side were misaligned.

I gave him some chiropractic adjustments and his whole body was back to aligned again.

He mentioned that he had had chiropractic adjustments before in the U.S., so it was easy to adjust him.

I hope that Mr. M.V. is able to swim and run with no hesitation and problem by now.

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